Mikki Disco

Mikki Disco

Occupation: Legend
Me-ah baby, me-ah, sexy baby, disco baby. Sminky pinky. Ohhhh ohhh, ohhhh ohhhh. Oh baby, mi baby, Disco baby, sexy baby, hot!!!!


Mikki Disco was a much loved musical star of the early to mid nineties on Channel 9 and had moderate continental success with his only record, Love Sauce. Following a string of allegations about his personal life, Disco went to ground. He appeared publicly only once since 2006 to promote a hiphop remix of his hit single "Disco Baby" by Slovakian band, Pantz.

"Where are they now?"

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Mr Discotheque spent a number of years working as a cruise-ship entertainer and is now Minister for Culture in Honduras.
Mikki Disco


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