Getting Rid of Mister Kitchen

'A sizzlingly paced modern thriller with outbursts of thumpingly sick black humour... It is fast. It is cruel. It is comical. It is vastly entertaining, and not a little disturbing.' NME 'A funny, frightening book, full of powerful, open-hearted material and with a strong line in suspense.' TLS 'This is a black farce with bells on, or Martin Amis as slapstick... very funny and utterly unstoppable.' THE TIMES 'A tour-de-force... captures right-wing arrogance magnificently.' SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY 'A fast-moving, rip-roaring riot of a read.' CRIME TIME 'Fast and funny (as you'd expect) and devastatingly cruel.' INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY 'An energetic comedy of disasters with plenty of jokes for boys about curries and condoms and, for the girls, a scarily accurate description of a forceps delivery.' INDEPENDENT MAGAZINE 'Of all the young, trendy writers of comedy thrillers, this author is my favourite. In his fast-paced tales ordinary situations run out of control and escalate into violence; the novels are compulsive, dark and sick. I love them.' THE BOOKSELLER '... he is gratuituously offensive about women, the unemployed, lefty social-worker types and anyone over 40. Remember, the best humour is never PC.' COSMOPOLITAN 'An entertaining and deeply disturbing read.' THE CRIMINOLOGIST 'A coke-fuelled, black humoured masterpiece.' MUZIK 'Given that few comic novels make you laugh at all, one that makes you laugh out loud before you got beyod the first paragraph is to be treasured. And you needn't worry that Higson has used his best gag at the start: the laughs keep coming right through the narrator's 24 hour descent into hell.' TIME OUT 'Higson has the kind of ear for middle-England angst that more established writers should be jealous of.' GQ

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